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Offshore Wind

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Why use offshore wind?

Electricity generated by wind turbines installed in the sea is a proven form of reliable electricity generation. Many offshore wind farms are in operation and construction across Europe, and more are developing in the United States and Taiwan.

Offshore wind can be differentiated from other forms of electricity generation due to:

  • Greater wind speeds and strength than other forms of wind generation, meaning offshore wind farms can produce more electricity, more consistently.
  • Generation assets in offshore wind projects don’t compete with other land uses resulting in less impact on local communities and the environment.
  • Size and scale of the construction, operations and maintenance requirements of these projects create numerous jobs. The economic benefits for the communities surrounding offshore wind farms, and associated port and transmission facilities are often significant.

Offshore wind would provide a reliable and clean energy supply for Victoria and help meet national and international commitments to satisfy carbon emission reduction targets.

Why explore offshore wind off Gippsland?

With decades of experience in developing large energy and infrastructure projects, including offshore wind farms, the project team understands the critical factors for successfully developing the project.

Based on initial feasibility studies into the project undertaken over a number of years, the south coast of Gippsland in Victoria’s east provides suitable conditions for a successful project. Initial feasibility shows strong wind patterns, suitable shallow water depths and access to suitable transmission and connection assets.

With recent and long-term forecast closures of generation facilities in the Latrobe Valley, there is a significant opportunity to transition local jobs and skills to bolster the local economy and meet project needs.

With Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley’s strength in developing and supporting related industries such as power generation (for over 100 years) and offshore oil and gas exploration in the Bass Strait (over 50 years), the project is uniquely placed to optimise and utilise existing skillsets and industries to service an offshore wind farm.

The transition of the energy mix in Australia is providing opportunities to tackle increasing pressure on energy supply, while creating economic opportunities and local jobs in communities like Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley.

Based on extensive research already taken by the project since 2012, the time is right for the project to lead the development of offshore wind in Australia.